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Baby care

This section contains The best baby care products such as Vicomed baby wet gloves to keep his skin soft and clean, and can also be used to clean the baby’s entire body with sensitive areas as well to keep the area moist and not to cause diaper rash, as the glove formula is rich in allantoin and Glycerin with chrysanthemum extract, which makes it suitable for cleaning all areas of the child's body.

Shower sectionAmong the baby shower products in our store, we find Biovera Baby 2 in 1 i.e. shampoo and shower with a unique formula that contains natural ingredients that do not cause tears for the child. The shampoo also contains vitamins and oats with natural herbs with moisturizing properties for hair and skin.Bemo silicone earplugs to protect the child's ears from water entering them while bathing or swimming, and they do not cause allergies, but before placing them you must make sure that the ear is dry, in addition to making sure that it is not placed deep inside the ear.Vicomed for a 3-in-1 waterless bath, where you can use only one cup of water to bathe your baby, this set contains a shampooed shower cap with sanitary gloves for bathing and a cap for washing hair with shampoo and aloe vera, which makes the child's body clean using a little water.Diaper section

In this section, there is everything that a child needs, including diapers and diapers, such as:

Biovera cream for diaper rash with its gentle formula designed to care for the sensitive skin of the baby, it works to soothe the skin and protect it from dryness while maintaining its cleanliness.

Biovera Baby Oil, which contains a soothing formula for the baby's skin, does not require rinsing. It can be used on the sensitive skin of children such as the scalp or when washing.Department of pediatric medical devicesInfrared HNK-TB-01 Nimomed Thermometer Digital with Infrared Technology, which is used to measure the temperature of the human body to diagnose diseases without the need to touch the body to get the temperature in seconds, and this type can also be used for adults and can measure the temperature of things in it such as a milk bottle before giving it to a child.Another important medical device available in this department is the Wizz Pieper ECT-1 thermometer, which is characterized by high accuracy in measuring body temperature.

Devices that benefit the mother of the child during the breastfeeding stageThe Nemo Single S838S 806 Breast Pump is a necessary electronic breast pump for nursing mothers, as it makes it easy for them to express milk for the baby, especially when the mother finds it difficult to breastfeed naturally or if she is far away. The baby's mouth and the second one is a classic suction with four levels of suctionDelivery services at Pharma Life store

There is a free online pharmacy delivery service in the store for all products displayed in Pharma Life Pharmacy to all regions in Kuwait, these products include all pharmaceutical products found in Kuwait pharmacies and products for baby and mother care. 

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