Novalou Baby Bathtime 2x1 Shampoo & bath 1 Lt

A shower gel for babies helps to clean and soothe baby's skin and scalp


Novalou baby care

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Novalou Baby Bathtime 2x1 Shampoo & bath 1 Lt

Novalou Baby is formulated with a unique blend that helps to clean, and nourish babies’ skin and hair.
It contains calendula, honey extract, and D-panthenol.
Novalou Baby is very gentle and helps to relieve dryness, itch, and irritation.
The gel helps to improve scalp and hair overall health, leaving baby’s hair and skin soft and hydrated.

Active ingredients:
Calendula, Honey Extract, D-panthenol.

• Novalou Baby protects babies' skin and scalp from inflammation and microbial.
• It makes babies' hair comb easier.
• Novalou Baby Gently cleanses scalp and skin without over-drying.

How to use:
Pour a small quantity of Novalou baby Bathtime into your hands, and gently massage it onto wet skin and hair.
Rinse off thoroughly.

Points of interest:
• Dermatologically tested.
• Hypoallergenic.

Made in:

1 liter

Store at room temperature

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