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It is our primary priority in Pharma Life, we designed this website that works to provide pharmaceutical services in the way you use in our pharmacy on the patient's health condition and attention to answering all inquiries.


Our store is divided into several sections containing body care and makeup products.

Make-up department

is the way in which a woman expresses herself freely, so we offer you the finest beauty products that you may need to take care of yourself and get a perfect look that lasts. nail care department There are many nail care products in our store, including:

-Trend nail strengthener and balm that contains biotin and vitamin E in addition to vitamin B5. It also contains a balm to moisturize dry weak nails.

It binds the nail layers together that lose its moisture with age. It is also available in cyan, beige, lilac, pink. Pearlescent, pure pearl. 

- There is also a keratin protection trend in our products, which works as a primary layer that protects the sensitive and damaged nail due to the frequent use of artificial nails. Ensure that the layer is dry so that the colored paint is applied.

-Trend nail fungus serum that helps relieve the fungus as it works to prevent its spread inside the nail, which improves the condition of the nail and rebuilds the nail, this serum works quickly because it contains keratin that helps to build the nail along with vitamin B5, which makes you feel better in just two weeks .

-Also, there is a trend in our products to remove the growths around the nails by softening the skin that forms around the nail, which facilitates the removal of the growths easily for healthy nail growth.
It is also recommended to use the Trend balm to moisturize the area around the nail after removing the dead skin.

-Trend quick and effective nail polish remover that prevents dry nails thanks to its acetone-free formula that helps maintain nails. 

-The patented glass nail file due to its super smooth surface that helps cool nicely, it is made of unbreakable high quality.

lip balms In

this section, there are many types of lip balms such as:Dalton's nourishing lip balm and moisturizer for dry and cracked lips that moisturizes deeply. It contains a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter with Dead Sea salt, which contributes to making the lips moist with a soft texture. It also contains brown algae extract that helps restore lips. sensitive.

There is also a skin toner from Flirna BB in our products, with its many colors suitable for all skin types.

Delivery service at Pharma Life store

There is a free online pharmacy delivery service in our store for all makeup products at Pharma Life Pharmacy, in addition to the delivery to all areas in Kuwait, and our products include all pharmaceutical products found in Kuwait pharmacies in addition to makeup and skin care products.
In the end, we see that our Pharma Life store includes all the products that you may find in Kuwait pharmacies, especially makeup in its various forms, nail care materials, as well as lip balms. 

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