Viola Whitening Deodorant For Sensitive Areas Fragrance Free 50 ml

Deodorant for sensitive areas helps to remove bad odors



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Viola Whitening Deodorant For Sensitive Areas Fragrance-Free 50 ml

Viola Deodorant for Sensitive Areas contains antiperspirant ingredients that help to neutralize bad odors.

Viola deodorant formulated with:

Methyl hydantoin- 2- imide: It has depigmenting and whitening properties that help to reduce dark spots due to skin aging.
Histidine: It counteracts skin sensitivity and irritation, and it has anti-oxidant action.
Vitamin C: Has anti-aging properties, helps to lighten the skin, has antioxidant properties, and stimulates collagen production
Licorice: Viola Whitening Deodorant contains Licorice, which has a potent lightening action, licorice is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin, in addition, it can be used to treat acne spots.
Panthenol: Regenerates the skin and improves the skin’s natural barrier function.
DEO 48H Complex: Helps to feel fresh and clean for 48 hours by preventing bad odors.

Active ingredients:

Methyl hydantoin, Panthenol, Licorice extract, Vitamin C, Histidine, DEO 48h Complex.


• Viola Fragrance- Free Deodorant provides intense protection against perspiration.
• It reduces pigmentation.
• It moisturizes the skin.
• Viola Fragrance- Free Deodorant removes bad odors.
• It can be used daily.

How to use:

• Apply Voila deodorant Fragrance-free on dry skin.

Points of interest:

• Viola Deodorant Fragrance- Free is suitable for all skin types.
• It does not contain alcohol.
• It can be used daily.

Made in:


50 ml

Store at room temperature.
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