Viola Anti Hair Loss Program Shampoo 250 ml + Spray 200 ml NL003

Cosmetic program for hair loss prevention ideal for dry and lacking density hair



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Viola Anti Hair Loss Program Shampoo 250 ml + Spray 200 ml

- Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo:
• Viola shampoo is effective in treating hair loss with probiotics and plant stem cells.
• It gives strength and vitality helping to counteract and prevent hair loss.
• Developed to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss, dryness and breakage.

- Viola shampoo contains:
• Creatine: It helps to maintain a healthy scalp, improving natural resistance and nutritional supply to the hair.
• Ginkgo Biloba extract: It encourages healthy hair growth and maintains a healthy scalp. Antioxidant and protective properties.
• Centella extract: Excellent moisturizing and antioxidant action. It nourishes the scalp and helps to maintain healthy, strong hair.
• Horsetail extract: It has a strengthening and nourishing action on the scalp. It counteracts hair loss and promotes healthy hair regrowth.
• Azelaic acid: Prevents hair loss by inhibiting 5- alpha-reductase.
• Methionine: Prevents hair loss, strengthens hair, and has anti-oxidant action.
• Adenosine: Stimulates hair growth, increases hair density, and reduces hair loss.

- Viola Anti Hair Loss Spray:
• An energizing spray treatment that prevents hair loss.
• Fast to apply, ideal in case of progressive hair loss and thinning.
• Plant stem cells: has a potent anti-oxidant action, and promotes healthy and strong hair.
• Probiotics: promote hair growth and improves its health.
• Glycine: An amino acid that helps moisturize and protect the hair.
• Methionine: Prevents hair loss, strengthens hair, and has anti-oxidant action.
• Glutamine: Helps to fortify and nourish the hair.
• Azelaic acid: reduces hair loss.
• Horsetail extract: Counteracts hair loss and promotes healthy hair regrowth.

Active ingredients:
The Shampoo contains: Creatine, Ginkgo Biloba extract, Centella extract, Horsetail extract, Azelaic acid, Methionine, Adenosine.

the Spray contains: Plant stem cells, Probiotics, Glycine, Methionine, Glutamine, Azelaic acid, Horsetail extract.

• Hair loss prevention program for weak and damaged hair.
• Contains stem cells with probiotics.
• Viola shampoo is ideal for hair loss, enhances the strength of the hair fibers, strengthens the hair roots.
• Viola spray for hair loss works to stimulate hair follicles to grow hair again, easy to use.

How To Use:
• Viola Hair Loss Shampoo: Apply to wet scalp, massage gently for a few seconds, then rinse well with water.
• Viola Hair Loss Spray: Apply an appropriate amount evenly to the scalp and then massage gently.

Points Of Interest:
• For external use only.
• Avoid direct contact with eyes.
• Fragrance-free.

Made in:

250 ml Shampoo.
200 ml Spray.

Store at room temperature.

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