Viola Anti Hair Loss Ampoules 12X6ml NL008

Ampules for increasing hair density and preventing hair loss



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Viola Anti Hair Loss Ampoules 12X6ml

Viola hair treatment ampoules help to prevent hair and energize hair follicles.

Viola hair ampoules contain:

Diaminopyrimidine oxide: Prevents hair loss, increases hair volume, and promotes greater hair length.
Biotin: increases the rate of follicle growth by increasing the keratin production
Biotin also helps to strengthen the hair and increase its shine.
Caffeine: supports healthy hair growth, it also inhibits the activity of the 5- 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which can lead to baldness.
Plant stem cells and Methionine: have anti-oxidant properties.
Probiotics: promotes hair growth.
Creatine: Improves natural resistance, maintains scalp health, and provides your hair with nutrients.
Hyaluronic Acid: increases hair volume, strengthens the scalp, and deeply hydrates by creating a protective film to prevent water loss.

Active ingredients:
Biotin, Caffeine, Growth factors, Plant stem cells, Creatine, Hyaluronic Acid, Diaminopyrimidine oxide.

Viola ampoules treatment for hair Benefits:
• Increase hair density.
• Viola Anti Hair Loss Ampoules stimulate hair growth.
• Strengthen the hair.

How to use Viola hair ampoules :
Apply a half-dose of Viola Anti Hair Loss Ampoule on the scalp once daily, then massage gently.

Points of interest:
• For best results use Viola hair treatment ampoules for at least 3 months.
• Fragrance- Free

Made in:
12x6 ml.
Store at room temperature.
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