VAGHEGGI White Moon Brightening Vials 10 Ampoules

Ampoules for the face that moisturize and lighten the skin, as well as enhance the freshness and radiance of the skin



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Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Vials 10 Ampoules
Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Ampoules lighten and improve the appearance of the skin, making it look fresh and glowing.
It contains:
Allantoin: promotes skin regeneration and repair, protects the skin from harmful external factors, and gives it softness.
Licorice extract, comfrey, burdock: soothes the skin and enhances its elasticity, as well as lightens skin pigmentation and unifies its color.
Panthenol, provitamin B5: moisturizing skin deeply & has anti-oxidant properties.

Active ingredients:
Allantoin, Panthenol, Licorice extract, Comfrey extract, Burdock

Lighten skin pigmentation and unify its color.
Enhances elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
Moisturizes the skin.

How to use:
Apply it on the face every evening after using the cleansing, for 10 days.

Point of interest:
For better results use Vagheggi Ampoules with Serum and Cream.
For external use.
Dermatologically tested.
Avoid contact with your eyes.

Made in:

10*2.5 ml

Store at room temperature.

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