VAGHEGGI 75.15 Professional Face Treatment

A skincare set that works to tighten the face and get rid of wrinkles & eye's dark circles to give you a more attractive skin



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Vagheggi 75.15 Professional Face Treatment Anti-wrinkle
VagheggiA Professional Face Treatment Anti-wrinkle set of skincare and eye contour, that works to tighten and rejuvenate the skin as well as give it freshness and glow.
It contains:
1-Vagheggi 75.15 Smoothing Day Cream 30 ml:
It blends with the skin to stimulate the renewal of its cells and tighten the face to look radiant.
In addition to giving you a feeling of freshness. It also protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that cause wrinkles and damage to human cells.

2-Vagheggi 75.15 Plumping Massage Gel 75 ml:
A shiny gel face mask that rejuvenates skin cells and gives your skin radiance, freshness, and vitality.

3-Vagheggi 75.15 Royal Face Mask 27 g 6 sachets:
To be used with the tonic solution, Where it works to define the shape of the face and eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging, as well as enhance the radiance and integrity of the skin.

4- Vagheggi 75.15 Activating Solution 500 ml:
An anti-aging solution that revitalizes and enhances the royal facial mask.

5-Vagheggi 75.15 Intensive Eye Contour Cream 6*1 ml:
The eye contour serum has an instant tightening effect and helps eliminate fine lines and reduces dark circles in the eye contour area.

Active ingredients:
Gluconate, Almond oil, Coumarin, Linalool, Beta Glucan, Castor oil

Vagheggi 75.15 Professional Face Treatment helps tighten the skin.
Vagheggi face Treatment set eliminates wrinkles and signs of aging.
Helps eliminate dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.
Gives you fresh youthful skin.

How to use:
1-Vagheggi 75.15 Plumping Massage Gel 75 ml:
Apply a thick layer on the face and the area around the eyes, then gently massage and dry the skin.

2-Vagheggi 75.15 Activating Solution 500 ml & Vagheggi 75.15 Royal Face Mask 27 g:
Pour the contents of the mask into a bowl, add 80ml of the activator solution and quickly stir with a spoon to give a creamy texture.
Then apply a thin layer on the face (starting from the forehead), then wait 20 minutes, then wet the mask by applying a toner using a cotton pad, then remove it gently.

3-Vagheggi 75.15 Intensive Eye Contour Cream 6*1 ml:
Apply a small amount to the eye contour, massaging gently.

4- Vagheggi 75.15 Smoothing Day Cream 30 ml:
Apply the cream to the skin and spread it until it is absorbed.

Point of interest:
Vagheggi 75.15 Professional Face Treatment for external use only.
Avoid contact with the Vagheggi 75.15 Professional Face Treatment with eyes and mucous membranes.
keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in:

Solution 500 ml

Day Cream 30 ml
Plumbing Mask 75 ml
Eye Cream 6*1 ml
Face Mask 27 g

Store at room temperature.

مجموعة فعالة لعلاج البشرة (1) تجاعيد (2) ماسك فاغيتشي (1) كريم فاغيتشي (1) جل فاغيتشي (1) مجموعة متميزة (1) شد البشرة (12) علامات تقدم العمر (1) بشرة أكثر جاذبية (1) التخلص من الهالات السوداء (13) بشرة شبابية (1) نضارة البشرة (18) ترطيب (19) حماية من الخطوط (1) يحارب علامات التقدم (4) سعر مجموعة فاغيتشي للتقدم بالعمر (1) كريم النهار (1) علاج الخطوط حول العين (1) تحفيز البشرة (1) تقشير وتجديد البشرة (4) فاغيتشي ماسك (5) فاغيتشي (18) كريم (9) منظف (13) للبشرة (16) تنقية (15) تنضيف البشرة (14) ازالة الشوائب (16) ترطيب نضارة (17) ترطيب وتغذية البشرة (20) ترطيب و حماية (16) ترطيب البشرة (25) التخلص من التجاعيد (13) يوحد لون البشرة (17) سعر كريم تفتيح الكويت (12) ماسك (12) مخصص من اطباء الجلدية (16) أثار المكياج (12) افضل كريم فاغيتشي (12) بشرة ناعمة (14) بشرة انعم (13) face and eyes (15) تقليل الهالات السوداء (12) بشرة افضل فاغيتشي (16) رشلاثفؤاه (16) vagheggi (16) رشلاثلله (16) سنهى (16) reduces wrinkles (16) smooth (17) moisturizes (22) moisturizes the skin (24) مضاد للتجاعيد (18) البشرة أكثر إشراقًا (15) علامات التقدم بالعمر (10) مضادة للأكسدة (27) بشرة شبابية مشرقة (14) gel mask for face and eye (1)
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