Pharmaclinix Eyerix SPF 15 Cream 15ml

Pharmaclinix Eyerix SPF 15 Cream 15ml
Manufacturer: Pharmaclinix
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Pharmaclinix Eyerix SPF 15 Cream 15ml 
Eyerix is one of the best eye creams, It Suppresses inflammation, therefore decreasing puffiness, swelling, and signs of fatigue. Contains a kojic acid, which helps lighten the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin.
It multiplies the production of collagen, improving skin's smoothness and elasticity and slowing down the wrinkling process. Obstructs histamine formation, therefore reducing any allergic reactions.

• Lightens the skin around your eyes
• Reduce dark circles
• Reduce wrinkles.

How to use: 
Apply around the eyes twice daily.

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