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Perlamar Whitener Emulsion - 100 ml 

Perlamar Whitener Emulsion - 100 ml 



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Perlamar Whitener Emulsion - 100 ml 

• You have oily skin with pigmentation and the effects of Emulsion pills or Perlamar whitening emulsion is light on oily skin.
• It works to get rid of excessive pigmentation, rids the skin of freckles, and purifies it from the effects of annoying grains.
• It contains an advanced formula that reduces the proportion of melanin that causes pigmentation and renews cells.
• A unique combination of kojic acid and licorice extract.
• An effective combination of Vitamin C, which is known for its skin-lightening properties, in addition to the skin-nourishing properties of Vitamin E and A.
• A skin care emulsion that clears the skin of pigmentation, pimples and dark spots
• Works to get rid of melasma resulting from pregnancy, rids the skin of freckles

How To Apply: 
• Apply in the morning and evening.

kojic acid , licorice extract , Vitamin C , Vitamin A , Vitamin E

100 ML.
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More Information:
• Suitable for oily skin.
How TO Storage:
Room Temperature
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