Perlamar Oyster Harmony Cream 50 Ml L1311010

Best for solving large pores problems, purifying the pores of oily and mixed skin



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Perlamar Oyster Harmony Cream - 50 ml 

• The balancing care cream is specially formulated to refine large pores and to regulate skin shine.
• The Caviar Marine Extract, an exclusive selection of marine active agents, combined with an extra pearl of mattified finish leads to skin harmony and a balanced complexion to cover the needs of large-pored and combination skin.
• Oyster is naturally rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, copper, and iron. It also contains selenium, omega 3, and vitamins B, E, and C.
• Sweet almond oil, with softening properties, nourish and strengthen skin and decrease the feelings of discomfort.

• The best cream to solve the problems of large pores, it works to purify the pores of oily and mixed skin
• It contains natural ingredients extracted from marine caviar that act as an anti-aging agent
• Promotes the re-balance of lipids in the skin and the elimination of its luster
• Reduces the appearance of large pores and works to reduce them

How To Apply: 
• Apply twice in the morning and evening.

Caviar Marine Extract , oyster , Sweet almond oil , 

50 ML.
Made in:
How TO Storage:
Room Temperature
More Information:
• For large-pores and combination skin.
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