Perlamar Cellulite Emulsion+Perlamar Stretch Mark

Perlamar Cellulite Firming Emulsion Double Action Cream to dissolve the accumulated fat under the skin and tighten and moisturize the body..Perlamar Stretch Marks Water Oil 200 ml

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Perlamar Cellulite Firming Emulsion - 200 ml • 
For the first time, a double-action cream to dissolve the accumulated fat under the skin because
it contains caffeine, in addition to tightening and moisturizing the body because it contains
hyaluronic acid. • An effective formula

that contains: jojoba oil, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and

• An anti-cellulite cream that dissolves the accumulated fat,
tightens the body and restores its natural shape.

Perlamar Water Oil for StretchMarks
ml 200

The body oil provides extreme care and nourishment that helps to unify and tighten the skin tone.•

Rich in a mixture of moisturizing oils.• Helps reduce the appearance of sagging skin and stretch
marks. .• Regular use leaves your skin soft and supple with a radiant glow.

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