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Perlamar Aqua Rich Emulsion 50 ml

An emulsion that deeply moisturizes the skin while effectively eliminating signs of aging, leaving you with healthier, more radiant skin.



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Perlamar Aqua Rich Emulsion 50 ml

This Rich Emulsion from Perlamar is specially formulated to provide deep hydration for Dry and very dry skin lacking moisture.
Enriched with Caviar Extract, The emulsion helps to provide optimal nutrition and hydration to the skin, preventing it from drying out.
The antioxidant effect of the Caviar contributes to protecting the skin from external factors that damage the skin.
Abundant in Urea and hyaluronic acid, Perlamar Emulsion provides deep and long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin looking healthy, and plump.
The emulsion also provides antiaging properties that fight wrinkles and fine lines, giving you youthful and radiant skin.

Active ingredients:
Caviar Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Urea, Jojoba Oil.

• Hydrates the skin and protects the skin from drying out.
• Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
• Prevents water loss.
• Light and ideal for summertime.
• Non greasy and does not leave any shine on the skin.

How to use:
• Apply in the morning and the evening as daily skin care.

More information:
• For best results use Perlamar Emulsion with Perlamar Aqua Rich products.

Made in:

50 ml

Store at room temperature
50 ML.
Made in:
How TO Storage:
Room Temperature
More Information:
• For oily and combination skin.
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