Perfect body package without cellulite

Perlamar Cellulite Firming Emulsion A body serum that helps sculpt and shape the body and get rid of excess fat

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Perlamar Cellulite Firming Emulsion - 200 ml

• For the first time, a double-action cream melts the accumulated fat under the skin because it contains caffeine, in addition to tightening and moisturizing the body as it contains hyaluronic acid.
• Active formula contains jojoba oil, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and carnitine.

VAGHEGGI Fuoco Plus Reducing Body Serum 100 ml For Cellulite

VAGHEGGI Fuoco Plus Reducing Body Serum For Cellulite & improving the appearance of the body, and get rid of stretch marks by reducing the accumulated fat to make the body look more toned.

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