Offer Package Viola - Loss Hair Treatment

A hair loss treatment package that stimulates hair follicle growth, strengthening them and preventing hair loss, resulting in thicker hair.

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Offer Package Viola - Loss Hair Treatment

Viola hair loss treatment package is a comprehensive set of products that work together to combat hair loss and significantly improve hair density and volume.
The offer includes hair loss prevention ampoules, formulated with a combination of active ingredients that stimulate hair follicle growth, strengthen hair shafts, and enhance resistance to hair loss caused by external factors.
Thanks to their biotin content, the ampoules effectively address hair loss by increasing hair follicle growth rate through creatine stimulation, promoting stronger and healthier hair.
Viola Package also includes Active Silk Cleansing Hair Cream that contains natural extracts to cleanse the hair and moisturize the scalp, which creates an ideal environment for hair growth and gets rid of any causes that lead to hair loss.
The offer additionally includes a hair loss treatment set from Viola, specifically designed to tackle hair loss, comprising a shampoo and a spray formulated with a natural hair-strengthening formula that actively prevents hair loss.
Viola products contain probiotics and stem cells, that are used to maintain scalp balance and provide antioxidant properties that prevent hair loss and build the ideal environment for new hair growth in a healthy and shiny way.

How to use:

• Use anti- hair loss shampoo during the shower.
- Apply it to damp hair, then gently massage the scalp and wash it well with water.
- Use anti- hair loss spray after showering on dampened hair.
- Distribute the spray evenly over the entire scalp.

• Use Viola ampoules on a daily basis.
- Put half the dose in the ampoule on the scalp and then massage it gently.

• Apply hair Cleansing cream to wet scalp.
- Massage gently for a minute, then rinse well.

Made in:

Store at room temperature
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