Offer Package Clinical Treatment

A promotional offer containing products that support the immune system and reduce annoying symptoms associated with influenza and respiratory infections

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Offer Package Clinical Treatment

- A package specially designed to provide superior care for patients suffering from respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis, and influenza.
- The set contains Alfa Vitamins Vita Max, which is a nutritional supplement rich in vitamins that help prevent infections and support general health.
- Alfa Vit Vitamin C contains Vitamin C as an antioxidant that works to protect patients, increase the body’s immunity, and reduce the symptoms of fever.
- In addition to Alfa Vitamin Zinco Forte, which is rich in zinc, it is known for its effective role in enhancing the body’s health, fighting infection, and enhancing the immune response to disease-causing factors.
- Manuka honey, which is 100% natural New Zealand honey, is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which work to support the immune system and strengthen the body.
- The portable Nimo Mesh Nebulizer can be carried with you anywhere. It is suitable for both children and adults. It facilitates the rapid delivery of the medicine to the lungs and improves the breathing process.
- NaviSpray Blocked Nose is a spray rich in propolis and eucalyptus that helps relieve nasal congestion and runny nose when suffering from allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.
- Benexe Saline Solution Mono dose comes in separate doses to ensure ease of use. It moisturizes the nose and eyes and is suitable for both children and adults.
- Oro Cool 0.12% Mouth Throat Spray, with a formula rich in antiseptic chlorhexidine, works to cleanse ulcers in the mouth and pharynx, reduce the incidence of mouth and gum infections, and relieve throat and tooth pain.
- The set also contains Lianhua Qingwen herbal capsules, which work to purify the lungs of toxins, remove pathogenic agents, and expel them out of the body. They are also used to reduce the symptoms of fever and respiratory infections.

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