Nippes Foot Rasp 711

Ceramic tool that help to remove foot dead skin and leave it soft and smooth

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Nippes Foot Rasp 

Nippes Foot Rasp removes calluses and dead skin smoothly and quickly.
Effective in gently and carefully removing calloused skin leaving feet super soft.
Nippes prevent the buildup of hard dead skin and exfoliate the feet, leaving you feeling comfortable and refreshed.
An easy-to-use hand tool with a ceramic handle to facilitate pedicure at home.

• Nippes tool helps remove hard calluses, dead skin, calluses, and hard calluses.
• Adds softness and vitality to the feet.

How to use:
1- Soak your feet in warm water for 15-30 minutes.
2- Dry your feet with a towel.
3- Move nippes Foot Rasp over the skin carefully and slowly to remove dead skin, repeat 1-3 times.
4- Then wash the feet.

Point of interest:
• Diabetics and those who suffer from poor blood circulation in the skin are advised to consult a doctor before using the Nippes tool to remove leg growths.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• For external use only.

Made in:

one piece

Store at room temperature
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