Miro Valve Sterile Automatic Urology Valve 3101

Automatic Catheter Valve

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Miro Valve Sterile Automatic Urology Valve 3101

• MiroValve the revolution among catheter valves.
• Thanks to the new MiroValve all the former catheter stoppers become completely superfluous.
• No stopper is required anymore since, while pulling off the urine bag, the automatic stop ends the urine flow.
• There is a zero chance to dirty bed or clothes with urine and smell is avoided.
• The rate of infection through uncleanly stored catheter stoppers is reduced.

• Simple Usage: The MiroValve,catheter valve can be simply operated with one hand.
• You can go to bed without worrying about anything: Simply plug the connector of the urine bag into the blue end of the valve.
• Simply spray the MiroValve valve with a medical disinfectant to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.
• The MiroValve urine catheter valve is easy to attach between catheter and bag.
• The MiroValve catheter valve can be used with all common long,term catheters and all usual urine bags.

How to use:
• You simply plug it into the urine catheter; unintentional slipping out is prevented due to the adherent material of the valve.
• Then you plug the blue end into the urine bag which instantly connects to the valve.
You find an illustrated instruction on how to connect the valve, urine bag, and urine catheter enclosed to every valve.
• You do not have to turn, press or unlock anything, since an automatic open mechanism is built in the MiroValve catheter valve.
• The valve opens automatically when you connect the urine bag to the valve – you do not have to operate the slide! During the night, while you are sleeping, MiroValve stays open and the urine simply drains off into the urine bag.
• There is of course an automatic stop mechanism incorporated as well.
• As soon as you pull the urine bag off the valve it immediately closes automatically.
Again without operating the slide, other buttons, locks, or anything else.
• Simply pull off the urine bag: No urine drips onto the floor. Thereby the valve guarantees maximum hygiene for patients as well as the nursing staff.

Points of Interest:
• The valve with its modern locking system is patented.
• The innovative technology is Made in Germany and was developed by MiroMed.

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Store at room temperature
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