Lux Clear Contact Lenses Soln.360ml Novlux001

A multifunction solution used for all types of soft contact lenses to hydrates, disinfects, cleans, lubricate, rinse contact lenses.



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Lux Clear Contact Lenses Solution 360 ml

Lux Clear is a multifunction solution recommended for the care and decontamination of all types of soft contact lenses.
Hygiene and proper contact lens care is important for preventing infections and other problems that can affect not only the health of your eyes but also your long-term vision.
Contact lens care is easier than ever with Lux Clear because it hydrates, disinfects, cleans, lubricate, rinse and remove proteins residues from the contact lenses surface.The daily use of Lux Clear prevent the deposit of protein which could induce eye infection, and make your lenses last less well or damage them. It also comes with lens case to ensure proper cleaning and storage.

• Cleans lens.
• Disinfects lens.
• Hydrates lens.
• Lubricate lens.
• Rinse lens.
• Removes proteins from the contact lenses surface.

How to use:
• Wash and then dry your hands thoroughly.
• Fill both sections of the lens case with the solution, making sure that it is empty and clean first, and place each contact lens in the appropriate compartment of the lens case.
• Close the lens case firmly and leave the contact lenses immersed in the solution for at least 4 hours.
• Shake the lens case gently before opening.
• Wash and dry your hands carefully before removing the left contact lens from the left compartment of the lens case.
• With fresh solution, gently rub the contact lens on both sides in the palm of the hand.
• Rinse the contact lens with fresh solution before applying it to the left eye.
• Repeat the same steps for the right lens before applying it to the right eye.
• Empty the lens case after each use.

All Active Ingredients:
Polyhexamide , disodium edetate , Poloxamer , ,

Points of interest:
• In case of eye irrtation, stop using the product and seek the advice of a specialist.
• Do not use if allergic or hypersensitive to any of the components of the product.
• Do not mix with other solutions.
•Do not reuse the solution.
• Use the product within 90 days of first opening.
• Keep away from heat sources, store in a dry place at room temperature.

room temperature.

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