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Joy Drops Chocolate Personal Lubricant Gel 100 Ml Prevent Dryness

Chocolate lubricant gel that helps prevent dryness.

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Joy Drops Chocolate Personal Lubricant Gel 100 ml

Joy Drops Chocolate Lubricant helps to eliminate symptoms of genital dryness. It provides a softer and gentler lubrication by applying it on a condom.

• Prevent genital dryness.
• Increases lubricity.
• Moisture the region.

How to use:
It is compatible with condoms.
The required amount of gel is applied on a condom or genital area.

All Active Ingredients:
Glycerin , Hydroxy ethyl Cellulose , Citric Acid , ,

Points of interest:
• If any side effect is noticed, stop the product usage immediately.

room temperature.

Made in:

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