Joniline Revivexil Shampoo 200 ML 2920

Joniline Revivexil Shampoo 200 M: Unique shampoo to treat hair loss and helps to germinate hair and strengthen roots



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Product Description:

Joniline Revivexil Shampoo 200 ML:
Revivexil shampoo composed natural substances that plays a vital role to get healthy attractive hair by nourishing hair roots with a potent blend so hair is strong against any damage and treat hair loss as well as sebum seboregulating rebalancing. The best choice for every men and women suffer form brittle hair and seeks to get healthy shine attractive hair.

•To get healthy and glow hair.
•Strengthening hair.
•Treat hair loss.

How to use:
Apply it on wet hair and leave it for one minute then wash your hair well.

Active ingredients:
Rosemary oil , silk protein , lemon extract.

How to store:
Room Temperature.

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