fillerina bb cream grade 2+ beauty blender

BB cream and beauty blender for a more beautiful look



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Fillerina BB Cream Skin Tone Balancer 40ml Light Rose 2

Long Description:
- BB cream with 6 Hyaluronic Acid Molecules.
- evens out the skin tone with Medium Coverage,one of Sarah Jessica Parker’s 8 Beauty products that she cannot live without.

Ruby Beauty Sponge

The Ruby Beauty Blender Sponge is used by combining foundation cream and concealer (concealer of skin imperfections) to give the skin a flawless appearance, free of lines and lumps.

How to use : put the sponge under water and press it well so that it is slightly wet, and then use the patting method on the face to incorporate the foundation  , Concealer or creamy lotion.

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