Dalton Derma Control Sebum Regulating Cream 50Ml

Moisturizing anti-Pimple Cream for dry Skin



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Dalton Derma Control Sebum Regulating Cream 50ml

The lightweight, non-greasy texture quickly absorbed formula infuses dry and acne-prone skin with intense moisture. It contains hamamelis and acne-fighting salicylic acid, this cream creates something like a soft-focus effect for the skin, by reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. It regulates oil production, prevents future breakouts, and is proven to reduce pimple size significantly.

• Anti-bacterial
• Moisturizes skin.
• Refines the complexion.
• Non-comedogenic.

How to use:
Apply the face cream in the morning and evening after cleansing.

salicylic acid , Vitamin E , , ,


Points of interest:
• Keep at room temperature.
• For external use only.

room temperature

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