Crescina White Hair Treatment For Woman 20 FL

These ampoules are designed to permanently treat gray hair in women by combining peptides and stem cells, effectively reducing its appearance.


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Crescina White Hair Treatment For Woman 20 FL

Crescina White Hair Treatment Ampoules are specifically designed for women to reduce the appearance of white hair.

These ampoules feature an advanced and effective formula that stimulates the growth of stem cells responsible for producing hair dye.

The ampoules for women incorporate a formula with high permeability and rapid penetration of the skin layers, reaching the hair follicles.

This formula, enriched with peptides and stem cells, works to prevent the appearance of gray hair and maintain a vibrant hair color.

Active ingredients:
3enhancers, Peptides (Labo NPP-23,Labo SHP-4Labo MLN-20), Folic Acid

Benefits of Crescina White Hair Treatment amp:
- Limit the spread of white hair.
- Boost melanin pigment production.
- Restore hair to its natural color.
- Feature an effective and advanced formula.

How To Use Crescina White Hair Treatment:
• Apply the ampoules to your scalp, not along your hair.
• Use one ampoule daily for five consecutive days.
• Take a break from the ampoules for two days to allow your hair to rest.
• Repeat the cycle the following week: five consecutive days of use followed by two days of rest.

More information:
- These ampoules are intended for external use only.
- It is recommended to use it for 4 months.

Made in:

20 Amp

Store at room temperature

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