Crescina HFSC Transdermic 1300 Man 20 Vials

These ampoules, designed for men, contain a potent formula capable of regrowing hair and addressing thinning hair concerns.


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Crescina HFSC Transdermic 1300 Man 20 Vials

Crescina Transdermic ampoules boast a powerful formula and advanced technology designed to deliver effective treatment to the hair follicles, ensuring clear results.
These ampoules specifically target thin and weak hair, containing an effective formula that promotes hair restoration, resulting in thick and shiny hair.
Characterized by patented Transdermic technology, this special formula caters to both men and women with three concentrations suitable for varying levels of hair thinning.
The formula comprises essential amino acids (cysteine and lysine) along with the HFSC compound, which protects and stimulates stem cells for optimal hair growth.
Crescina Transdermic ampoules are formulated to address thinning hair and baldness caused by physiological factors, offering the only and ideal alternative to hair transplantation.

Active ingredients:
Regrowth Complex (Cysteine, glycoprotein, Lysine), HFSC Compound, Re-Growth Booster Complex (Methionine, Glycine, Copper Tripeptide-1), 3 Enhancers (Pentylene Glycol, Decylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol).

Benefits of Crescina Transdermic ampoules:
- Promote the regrowth of weak hair.
- Strengthen hair and address baldness.
- Address thin hair resulting from physiological causes.
- Featuring many patents.
- Penetrate the skin layers to reach the hair follicles.

How to use:
- Use one ampoule daily for five consecutive days.
- Stop using the ampoules for two days to give the hair a rest.
- Repeat the following week (5 consecutive days, then two days of rest).

More information:
-For satisfactory results, it is recommended to use it for 4 months.
- The box contains 20 ampoules, which is sufficient for one month of treatment.

Made in:

20 Ampoules

Store at room temperature

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