Offer Package Crescina Man 500 Complete + Shampoo

An offer that combines Crescina ampoules specially designed for men with Crescina shampoo to improve the effectiveness of the ampoules in the treatment of hair thinning.



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Offer Package Crescina Man 500 Complete + Shampoo

Crescina 500 ampoules for men are hair ampoules for the treatment of hair thinning at different stages.
These ampoules feature a 100% effective formula with eight patent ingredients that promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.
This makes them an ideal solution for filling scalp spaces, treating hair thinning, and making them the best alternative to hair transplantation.
The offer includes ampoules along with a specially designed shampoo to complement and enhance the effectiveness of the ampoules, ensuring results with high efficiency.
Both the ampoules and the shampoo feature a formula known for its high permeability, which makes it able to penetrate the layers of the skin and reach the hair follicles.
This specially formulated blend is rich in amino acids that stimulate stem cells, promoting hair growth and effective treatment of hair loss.

How to use Crescina ampoules:
- Use the ampoules alternating between the yellow and clear ampoules, starting with the clear ampoules first, followed by the yellow ampoules the next day.
- Continue using one ampoule daily for five days, then leave two days without using ampoules to allow the hair to rest.
- There is no need to wash the hair after using the ampoules, as they do not cause an annoying feeling to the hair and do not leave an unpleasant odor.
- Wash your hair with Crescina shampoo when showering to ensure that the effectiveness of the ampoules in treating baldness is maintained.

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