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Cosmo Foot Cream 75 ml

A foot cream that softens, nourishes, and improves blood circulation, in addition to preventing dry and cracked feet. ​



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Cosmo Foot Cream 75 ml

Cosmo Foot Cream is a cream specially designed for foot care as it provides: Softening, comfort, nourishment, and improves blood circulation.

The cream features natural extracts that make the skin soft and smooth and help prevent dry skin and the formation of a layer of hard and cracked skin.

Cosmo Foot Cream contains sweet almond oil, soybean oil, natural beeswax, peppermint, eucalyptus, and camphor essential oils, and menthol and thyme extracts.

These ingredients work together to protect the feet, reduce bad odor, moisturize the feet, and improve blood circulation in the feet, which improves overall skin health.

Active ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Soybean Oil, Thyme extract, AS3peppermint, eucalyptus, and camphor essential oils

Benefits of Cosmo foot cream:
- Moisturizes and softens the feet.
- Prevents dryness and cracked skin.
- Improves blood circulation.
- Contains a mixture of natural materials.

How to use:
- Apply the cream to clean feet, focusing on cracked areas.
- Massage until completely absorbed.

More information:
- Suitable for all skin types.
- Free of paraffin and colorings.
- keep away from the reach of the children.
- For external use only.

Made in: Italy

Quantity: 75 ml

Store at room temperature

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