Case Mallet Finger Plastic Mallet Finger A 08-5

A support that is used to stabilize the finger after an injury and reduce pain and swelling

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Case Mallet Finger Plastic Mallet Finger A 08-5

A Plastic Mallet Finger splint from Case is used to fix the interphalangeal joints in the correct position.
It is also used to treat baseball fingers, an injury in which the tip of the finger is bent so that we cannot straighten it.
Case Plastic Mallet Finger splint reduces pain and speeds up the recovery of the finger after an injury.

Case Plastic Mallet Finger Splint benefits:
- Supports and stabilizes the finger joint to ensure a faster recovery.
- Protects the injured finger and reduces irritation in the joints.
- It keeps the finger in the correct position.

How to use:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
- Made of a special plastic to ensure comfort during use as well as effectiveness.

Made in: Turkey.

Quantity: 1 PC.

Store at room temperature.

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