Cansin Plast Kinesiology Cotton Sports Tape 5 m x 5 cm

Cotton Plasters help support injured tendons and tissues


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Cansin Plast Kinesiology Cotton Sports Tape 5 m x 5 cm 

Cansin Plast Kinesiology Sports Tape is used to support tendons, muscles, and ligaments.
Cansin Plast Sports Tape helps relieve pain in injured muscles and tendons and speeds up the healing process of damaged tissues.
Cansin Plast Sports tape is made of cotton As it is flexible and comfortable, it does not restrict movement and allows daily and sports activities to be practiced freely during its use.
Size: 5 cm * 5 m.

• Cansin Plast Sports Tape supports tissues, muscles, and tendons.
• Relieves pain in injured muscles and tissues.
• Accelerates the healing of injured and damaged tissues.
• Helps injured athletes exercise and train while they recover.

Direction of use:
• Cut the desired amount of Cansin Plast Sports Tape and apply directly onto the affected area.

More information:
• It is recommended to renew Cansin Plast Sports Tape every 5 days.
• Safe to use during pregnancy.
• Versatile and used for different parts of the body.
• You will not need to remove it while showering.

Made in:

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Store at room temperature
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