Cansin Plast First Aid Plaster Colour 20 Pcs

Colorful plaster that helps cover wounds and keep them clean


Cansin Plast

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Cansin Plast First Aid Plaster Colour 20 Pcs

Cansin plast First Aid Plaster is used on minor cuts, scrapes, and injuries to protect wounds against dirt and bacteria.
It comes in different beautiful colors.


- Color: beige, yellow, red, blue, and green.
- Size: 19 x 72mm
- Quantity: 20 PCS


• Cansin plast plaster covers and protects wounds from contaminations.
• Easy application.
• It helps to shorten healing time.

How to use:

Follow the instructions included on the Cansin package.

Point of interest:

• For single use.
• Avoid scratching your wound as much as possible to allow it to heal fully.
• Always see a doctor if a wound is deep, bleeds heavily, or shows signs of infection.
• Change the plaster when needed.
• When changing the plaster, be sure to remove it gently.

Made in:



20 Pcs

Store at room temperature.

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