Cansin Plast First Aid Plaster Blue 100 Pcs

Comfortable and flexible medical plaster


Cansin Plast

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Cansin Plast First Aid Plaster Blue 100 Pcs 

Medical plaster from Cansin with a perfect design, easy to use and remove, as it does not stick to wounds.
It is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable, used for different parts of the body.
Cansin Plast First Aid Plaster is made of hypoallergenic materials that do not cause skin irritation.
Cansin blue plaster works to cover and protect wounds from external factors that cause their contamination, which speeds up wound healing, and it also works to absorb fluids and blood.

Product Color: Blue.
Quantity: The pack contains 100 pads.

• Cansin Plast First Aid Plaster is used for medium and superficial wounds.
• It is suitable for all body parts.
• Skin,friendly.

How to use:
Follow the instructions included on the Cansin package.

Point of interest:
• Change the plaster if it starts to leak or the bandage is saturated.
• In the case of any skin reactions, immediately stop using the bandage and consult your doctor.
• When exchanging wound plasters, be sure to remove it gently.
• Apply plaster to clean, dry skin.
•Used only once.

Made in:

100 Pieces

Store at room temperature
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