Cansin Plast Corn Plaster 6 Pcs

Plasters that help treat corns


Cansin Plast

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Cansin Plast Corn Plaster 6 Pcs 

Corn patches are self-adhesive tape designed to remove and treat corn and provide instant relief.

The medical plaster has an ideal design that absorbs pressure and softens the corns, as it treats the corn without affecting the healthy skin around it.

Medical plaster contains high-performance adhesives that stick instantly and stay firmly in place.


Product Color: Beige

Suitable use: for corns


• Medical plaster gives you a sense of comfort.

• Cansin Plast Corn Plaster treats corns.

• It works to isolate the corn of the foot from external factors, which speeds up healing.

How to use:

• Remove the backing of the circular plaster and place the plaster on the center of the corns tightly, cover and secure the plaster.

• Repeat daily until you can remove the corn and always read the instructions.

Points of interest:

• Diabetics, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and young people under 16 years of age are recommended to consult a doctor before using a medical plaster.

• In the event of any skin reactions, immediately stop using the plaster and consult your doctor.

Made in:

6 Pieces

Store at room temperature.

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