Cansin Plast Cooling Gel Patch 1 Pc

A patch containing a cooling gel that is used to reduce the temperature of babies and infants


Cansin Plast

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Cansin Plast Cooling Gel Patch 1 Pc 

Cansin Plast Cooling Gel Patch is a gel patch that delivers a cooling effect to babies with fevers to decrease their temperature.
The gel patch is capable of providing a cooling sensation that can last up to 8 hours.
Cansin Plast Cooling Gel Patch indicates a change in temperature using an alternation of its color.
When the temperature is high, the color of the patch turns white. As the temperature drops, the color turns blue.

Active ingredients:
Hydrogel, Arabic Gum, Purified Water.

• Safely and effectively relieves fever in babies and infants.
• Provides a long,lasting cooling effect that is efficient for up to 8 hours.
• Delivers an immediate cooling sensation upon application.

Direction for use:
• Apply the gel side of the patch directly to the skin, on the forehead, neck, lower arms, or thighs.
• The maximum period of using the Kansan patch is three times a day, for a period not exceeding 8 hours.

More information:
• Do not apply around the eyes, mouth, or open wounds.
• Remove the Cansin Plast Cooling Gel Patch if redness appears on the skin.
• Do not attempt to cut the patch or ingest it.

Made in:

1 Pc

Store at room temperature
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