Manicure 5 IN1 Kit TB1335

An electronic home manicure and pedicure device that gives you attractive and trimmed nails without visiting beauty salons



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Electric Manicure / Pedicure 5 In 1 Kit TB1335

Beauty manicure and pedicure device is designed to provide you with sparkling nails in just a few minutes.
This home electronic device combines five functions in one, thanks to its five interchangeable heads, each serving a specific purpose.
It effectively trims the edges of the nails, removing excess tissue and dead skin around the nail area.
Additionally, it polishes and buffs the nails, enhancing their appearance and making them more attractive.
With this device, you can achieve salon results at your home, saving you time and effort in maintaining beautiful nails.

Features of the home manicure and pedicure machine:
- The device has a comfortable, easy-to-use, non-slip handle.
- Portable, as you can carry it with you on the go and travel.
- It performs 5 functions together that provide superior nail care without visiting the beauty salon.
- It is battery-powered.

How to use Ready Touch Beauty:
- Insert two batteries into the device and attach the head you want to use.

More information:
- You can store the heads in the holder attached to the device.
- The Touch Beauty device has built-in UV light for drying nail polish.
- The device is easy to use and store.
- The nail manicure and pedicure machine does not make noise when you use it.

Made in: China

Store at room temperature

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