Woman Essentials Fresh Intimate & Body Mist 35 ml

A Spray Deodorant That Provides A 24-Hour Feeling Of Freshness For The Intimate Area.


Woman Essentials

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Woman Essentials Deo Fresh Intimate & Body Mist 35 ml

Woman Essentials Deo Fresh is a deodorant for the intimate area that helps to provide you with a feeling of freshness and prevents unpleasant odor.
The deodorant has a gentle formula that provides an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory formula that protects the intimate area as it contains Bio-Regenerative Orchid.
Woman Essentials Deo Fresh contains Aloe Vera that helps to soothe sensitive skin, especially after shaving.
It has a non-irritating formula that prevents irritation and maintains pH balance as it is free of paraben, and aluminum salts.

Active ingredients:
Orchid, Aloe Vera.

• Fights bad odor and keep you feeling clean
• Provides long-lasting 24-hour feeling of freshness.
• Ultra-gentle formula with 99% natural active ingredients.
• Helps to maintain flora.
• Soothes the intimate area and maintains its hydration.

How To Use:
• One or two sprays after cleansing the intimate area at any time throughout the day.
• For optimal comfort and a smooth, silky finish, spread evenly over the entire area after applying.

Points Of Interest:
• External use only.
• Light and fresh, and have a light scent.
• Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.

Made in:

35 ml

Store at room temperature

35 Ml.
Made in:

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