Trind Professional Glass File

Glass file gives your nail the perfect length and shape



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Trind Professional Glass File

Trind Professional Glass File gently files your nails with its ultra-fine surface to the perfect length and shape you desire.
Filing and shaping nails with a glass file that has a patented design, which is made of the highest quality durable glass that lasts a lifetime helps to prevent nails from splitting and prevents dirt from entering the nail.
It leaves your nails sealed and smooth.

• Easy to file nails in any desired shape.
• Ultra-fine surface that prevents nails from splitting.

How to use:
Place the Trind Professional Glass File on the edge of the nail and move it with light pressure from the outside to the center of the nail tip (1 direction only).
After use, clean the file with water.

Points of interest:
• Clean the file after each use.
• It comes inside a cylinder container to protect the file and keep it clean.
• Keep out of reach from children.

Stores at room temperature.

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