Trind Nail Magic Buffer for shiny nails

Buffer for nails helps to soften and shine nails



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Trind Nail Magic Buffer

Trind Nail Magic Buffer is a file that smoothes the nail surface. It removes small ridges and uneven nails, leaving you with smooth and shiny nails.
It has three sides:
The black side helps remove the top layer of the nail (small ridges and uneven nails).
The white side helps smooth the nail.
The grey side is the buffer that is used for extra shiny perfection.

• Smooths the nail.
• Removes fine ridges and imperfections.
• Leaves nails shiny.

How to use:
When using the buffer make semicircular movements.
Start with the black side to remove the top layer of the nail (use this side only once every 4 weeks).
Then use the white side twice every month to smooth the nail.
Lastly, use the grey side of the buffer (as often as you like) in the same manner for extra shiny perfection.

Points of interest:
• Keep out of reach from children.

Stores at room temperature.

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