Trind Nail Brightener 9 mL for shiny nails

provides your nail with a shiny layer



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Trind Nail Brightener 9 ml

Trind Nail Brightener instantly brightens the natural color of the nail and helps cover slight discoloration of the nails for a brighter and more natural look.
It can also be used to intensify colored nail polish when used as a top coat.

• Instantly brightens the nail.
• Cover slight discoloration.
• Intensifies colored nail polish when used as a top coat.

How to use:
For a bright and natural look, apply a fresh layer daily directly to the nail.
When used as a top coat, make sure your nail polish is completely dry before you apply 1 or 2 coats of Trind Nail Brightener.

Points of interest:
• For better results use it in combination with Trind Nail Repair.

Stores at room temperature.

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