Trind Nail Balsam 9 mL to strengthen nails

Moisturizing balsam for dry and brittle nails



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Trind Nail Balsam 9 ml

Trind Nail Balsam is a moisturizing and nourishing balsam for dry and brittle nails to avoid breaking, splitting, or chipping.
It contains biotin, vitamin E and B5 for strong and beautiful nails in just 2 weeks.

• Moisturizes the nail.
• Nourishes the nail.
• Prevents breaking of the nails.
• Improves the condition of the nail.

How to use:
Apply a thin layer of Trind Nail Balsam on bare nails.
Allow it to be absorbed for 1-2 minutes.
Massage excess product (if any) into the nail plate and surrounding skin.
Use Trind Nail Balsam as often as you like to keep nails in excellent condition.

All Active Ingredients:
Biotin , Vitamin E , Vitamin B5 , ,

Points of interest:
• Uses in combination with Trind Nail Repair for extra strong and beautiful nails.

Stores at room temperature.

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