A pharmacy is a healthcare that emphasizes the provision of certain pharmaceutical services. Tourism in the registration of pharmacist registration. The pharmacy can be affiliated with the private sector, or it can be affiliated with the Ministry of Health, in which medicines are installed, dispensed, reviewed, and ensured of their efficiency.

In Pharma Life Kuwait pharmacy, we have many products licensed by the Ministry of Health

The pharmacy includes:

Eye drops likeFlora Vision: is a hydrating and soothing eye drops that contain Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) plus a unique combination of three natural plant extracts: Calendula, Hamamelis and Plantago that work together to moisturize and protect the eyes from oxidative stress damage while soothing and calming. Eyes from irritation caused by allergies.

Flora Vision helps relieve allergy symptoms and irritation caused by pollen, dust, smog and other allergens. It also provides quick relief in case of eye irritation due to eye disease or external factors such as prolonged exposure to electronic screens and air conditioning.


Benex Oshi multi-dose eye drops :A single-dose eye drop that has a refreshing and hydrating action.
Beneix single dose eye drops are a sterile solution based on distilled cornflower water, distilled chamomile water and sodium hyaluronate.
Beneix eye drops can be used by those who wear contact lenses even after wearing them. It is also suitable for repeated use several times a day.

Urocol Oral and Throat Spray
Mouth and throat spray containing chlorhexidine for the treatment of mouth and throat ulcers and dental pain

Also, American Creation products are available in Pharma Life Kuwait pharmacy,
such as:
Pro Hair, with its nutrients for healthy hair, skin and nails, prevents hair loss and promotes healthy new hair growth

And a group of vitamins needed to enhance the body's immunity at the present time, in addition to a group of vitamins that belong to pregnant and lactating mothers

PharmaLife always strives to be the best online pharmacy in Kuwait. We have given you what most of Kuwait’s pharmacies do not provide from purchasing flexibility with a free online pharmacy delivery service for all our products that we proudly classify as the best products in Kuwait’s pharmacies today.


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