Offer Package New Born

A promotional offer including 9 products that provide a great way for new mothers to get all the essentials they need for themselves and their babies

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Offer Package New Born

- The newborn kit gives you everything you need for you and your baby in terms of postpartum care and care, as it contains creams, moisturizing oils, and baby shampoo.
- American Creations Pregna Days nutritional supplement for the mother that works to provide all the nutritional elements the mother needs during pregnancy to ensure the healthy development and growth of the fetus.
- Avalon Nipple Cream, with its rich formula of cocoa butter, olive oil, and Panthenol, prevents cracked nipples that can occur at the beginning of the mother's breastfeeding journey.
- Baby Joy Gripe Water syrup, with its natural and safe formula, works to relieve the bloating and gases in infants, giving your child a restful sleep.
- The Moisturizing oil from Bio Vera provides the necessary hydration for your child’s skin and prevents dryness as it contains almond oil, vitamin E, and wheat germ oil.
- KoniCare Sinus B Nasal Spray provides comfort and cleans the nose of an infant with a cold.
- Bio Vera Baby Nappy Rash Cream is rich in oats, rice starch, which soothes the skin, and shea butter, which prevents dryness of the baby’s skin and provides protection from irritations and rashes.
- Alcohol swabs and cotton help sterilize and preserve the navel to prevent infections.
- Novalou Baby Bathtime is rich in honey and calendula extract that cleanse the baby’s skin and keep the scalp clean without causing allergies.
- Novalo shampoo and bath products feature a formula that is rich in herbal extracts which make it ideal for the baby's sensitive skin and keep it soft all day long.

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