Digestive improvement set

A set to enhance digestive system health and address issues like indigestion, bloating, and gas, allowing you to enjoy your meals without feeling anxious

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Digestive improvement set

A set comprising vitamins and Manuka honey to aid the comfortable consumption of your favorite foods by enhancing the digestion process and improving bodily functions.
This assortment features Advance Digestive capsules, containing enzymes that expedite the conversion of food into fast molecules, thereby promoting faster digestion.

The capsules also include probiotics to enhance stomach health and enzymes that break down lactose, reduce fat, and detoxify the body.

Neocarbon capsules in the collection contribute to improved digestion, preventing cramps, bloating, and gas, as well as treating indigestion. This is attributed to their inclusion of activated charcoal, mint, and anise.

The collection is complete with Manuka honey sachets, which strengthen the body's immunity, guard against infections and diseases, and aid in preventing stomach ulcers while facilitating the digestion process.

How to use:
Active Digestive Capsules: Take one capsule with a meal.
Marnys Neocarbon capsules: Take 3-5 capsules twice daily after food.
Manuka honey sachets: Dissolve Manuka honey sachets with drinks or water or take them directly when needed.

Store at room temperature

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