Medical Infrared Thermometer JZK 601 For Measuring Temperature

Digital thermometer that can measure human body temperature without body contact in just one second.

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Medical Infrared Thermometer JZK 601 

This device is a digital thermometer with infrared technology that is used for measurement of human body temperature to follow and diagnosis of illness without body contact in just one second.
It is an easy to use thermometer that can give you fast response even when your child is moving.
It is suitable for adults, children and babies and can measure the temperature of objects too.

• Measures body temperature.
• Measures objects temperature

How to use:
For measurement hold the temperature sensor 1 - 5 cm away from the middle of the forehead and press the measurement key.

Points of interest:
• Measuring distance : 1 - 5 cm.
• It can be converted between °C and°F.
• It needs two AA batteries.

room temperature.

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