Louise Alston Daily Set

Louise Alston Facial Clarifying Gel 120ml,Louise Alston new look amp 10,Louise Alston Placenta Power Serum 48.2ml

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Louise Alston Facial Clarifying Gel 120 ML

Louise Alston Facial gel is an advanced formula from plant extracts that act deeply for cleansing the skin layer from environmental dirty and dry.
Louise Alston Facial Clarifying Gel leaves the skin more smother and deep moisturizing which provides Fresh, healthy, and shiny skin.
This product has an astringent effect which can reduce the large pores and correct the skin pigmentations.

Louise Alston New Look 10 Ampoules
Louise Alston New Look is a unique formula with natural elements filled into the ampoules.
Louise Alston New Look provides deep moisturizing and soothes the skin in the eye contouring area. It has elements that can whiten the dark circle around the eye area.

Louise Alston Placenta Power Serum 48.2 ML
Serum with an advanced formula rich in collagen, Aloe Vera, and hyaluronic acid. It has a triple action: filling, firming, and moisturizing the skin.
Louise Alston Placenta Power minimizes pores, moisturizes and brightens the skin.
This serum helps to fight the aged marked into the skin and restore vitality and youth.

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