Kathy Dallas KD-18 Placenta Plus Serum 30 ml To Firm The Skin

Serum to tighten skin, improve the appearance of grains and wide pores, and purify them so that the skin appears fresh and clear



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Kathy Dallas KD-18 Placenta Plus Serum 30 ml To Firm The Skin

Kathy Dallas Placenta Plus Serum is specially formulated to give for fresher and brighter skin as well as help reduce skin and wrinkles.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that improve the appearance of pimples and soothes inflamed pimples, Additionally, it helps to purify and minimize large pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Ingredients benefits:
Aloe vera: deeply moisturizes the skin.
Hyaluronic acid: reduces wrinkles, signs of aging, and fine lines as well as maintain the natural moisture levels of the skin and soften it.
Placenta: rejuvenates the skin and reduces wrinkles.
Evening primrose: moisturizes the skin, leaves it soft, and reduces skin wrinkles.
Green tea extract: an effective antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals that cause wrinkles and signs of aging. It helps to minimize and purify large pores.

Active ingredients:
Aloe vera, Hyaluronic acid, Evening Primrose oil, Green tea extract, Placenta

• Kathy Dallas Serum deeply moisturizes the skin.
• Placenta Plus Serum is used to tighten fine lines and wrinkles.
• Works to treat inflamed grains.
• Improves the appearance of enlarged skin pores.
• Placenta serum helps in pore clogs.
• It gives you pure and clear skin.
• Improves the appearance of tired, stressed skin.

How to use:
• After cleansing the face, apply a small amount of Placenta Serum to the fingers, then spread it evenly over the skin.

Points of interest:
• Placenta Plus serum should be applied to clean skin free of other cosmetics.
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Avoid use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

Made in:

30 ml

Store at room temperature
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