Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo 200ml +Pro Hair American Creation 60 Tab

100% natural  anti-hair loss treatments, Does not have any side effects 
SKU: 1217383

37.830 KD
30.260 KD
    • Active ingredients:
    1. Garlic Oil
    2. Olive Oil
    3. Avocado Oil
    4. Amino Acids Complex
    5. Almond Oil
    6. Black Seed Oil
    7. Nettle Oil
    8. Wheat Oil
    9. Violet Oils

    10. Pro hair
      provides most of the essential proteins needed by hair to ensure hair strength and prevent its fall. It contains vitamin D and the ratio of iron, zinc, and biotin and elements that strengthen hair and prevent its fall, and does not cause the increase of body hair or increase weight and appetite

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