FicoMed Hair Washing Bonnet 3001

 Ficomed Hair Washing Bonnet With Shampoo And Aloe Vera. Immediate Delivery within 4 hours, around the clock service.

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FicoMed Hair Washing Bonnet 

Hair Washing Bonnet from FicoMed with shampoo and aloe vera that allows you to wash your hair without the need of water for a clean and smooth hair.
And it is very helpful for elderly people, disabled, post operative people and people in the ICU.
• For clean hair.
How to use:
Place the hair bonnet on your head. Then gently massage with your fingers for 3 minutes. Remove the bonnet when you are done and dry your hair if desired.
For a better experience you can microwave the unopened package for 20 seconds before use, especially in winter time.

Points of interest:
• It does not need water.
• The package contains 1 bonnet for one use.
room temperature.
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