Ficomed Cleaning Set Without Water 3in1

Cleaning set that allows you to take a shower with only a cup of water.

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Ficomed Cleaning Set Without Water 3in1 

Cleaning Set from Ficomed allows you to take a shower with only a cup of water. It is a 3 in 1 set that contains fiber washing with shampoo, hygienic washing gloves with shampoo and a hair washing bonnet with shampoo and aloe vera, which allows you to clean you body and hair when you can’t get enough water.
This set can be used during camping, hajj and post operative due to difficult washing. It can be very useful for old people, handicapped and people in the ICU.

• Provides whole body and hair hygiene.
• Prevent contamination.

How to use:
Put few water drops on the fiber then rub it by your hand to get foam, clean your body then leave it to dry.
The cloves does not need water just rub your body with it.
Place the hair bonnet on your head. Then gently massage with your fingers for 3 minutes. Remove the bonnet when you are done and dry your hair if desired.

Points of interest:
The box contains:
• 5 Fiber washing with shampoo.
• 5 Hygienic washing gloves with shampoo.
• 1 Hair washing bonnet.

room temperature.

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