Fat Burner Offer Package

A package of two special products that enhance fat burning and work to shape and sculpt your body.

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Offer Package Lipoless Caps

An offer package that includes a group of products that help you achieve a fit body and a sculpted waist.
The package includes Lipoless capsules, which contain a group of natural extracts that enhance fat burning in the body such as Raspberry ketone, Garcinia Cambogia extract, and Caffeine.
The capsules also help suppress appetite and reduce the feeling of hunger, which helps maintain a healthy, low-calorie diet to achieve the desired weight.
Vagheggi Fuoco body cream, infused with caffeine, Drosera rotundifolia, Quercetin, and Lythrum Salicaria, works to stimulate metabolism and target unwanted fat deposits.
This cream helps shape and tone your physique and it helps to get rid of stretch marks.

How To Use:
1- Take two capsules (2) daily with water on an empty stomach.
2- Apply Fuoco Plus Cream to the body and gently massage until it is absorbed.

Store at room temperature

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