Electric Toothbrush GONLINK- PRO19

Fast and effective way for cleaning the teeth and it also help whitening the teeth.

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Electric Toothbrush GONLINK- PRO19

Electric Toothbrush for fast and effective cleaning of the teeth, it helps clean hard to reach areas of the mouth such as the back teeth and it is very effective for whitening the teeth and it help get rid of bad odor.
It contains 5 modes you can choose the mode that suits you.
Clean Mode:
High frequency sonic vibration effectively cleans stubborn plaque and tartar.
Refresh Mode:
Effectively remove pigment accumulation restore white teeth.
White Mode:
High frequency eliminates smoke tea stains dental plaque effectively.
Gum Care Mode:
Care for tooth gums, gentle cleansing, recommended for oral sensitive people.
Sensitive Mode:
Lower speed to gently clean sensitive teeth.

• It cleans the teeth.
• Whitening the teeth.
• Take care of the sensitive teeths and gums.
• Get rid of bad odor.

How to use:
Choose the mode that suits you then brush your teeth normally.

Points of interest:
• It has 5 differents modes.
• USB Rechargeable.
• It is waterproof.

room temperature.

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